Connection to the Cosmos With Dr. Lisa Thompson

Connection to the Cosmos with Dr. Lisa Thompson explores ”out of this world” topics with a wide range of fascinating guests. All things galactic, extra-dimensional, and other worldly will be up for conversation, story telling and exploration. For even more information and new events, please join me on Facebook. ”The truth is inside you.”

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4 days ago

Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Rafael Lugo.
Rafael Lugo is a Bronx N.Y Native Hip-Hop artist with a lifetime of contact experiences with non-human entities. Since the early age of five, Rafael has been visited by a number of E.T.s, some of which include the greys, tall greys, insectoid/Mantis being, and hybrid children. Although it’s not certain why he is being visited, Rafael strongly believes he is a part of what some would call the Hybridization Program.
Rafael, Artist named “Skitz The P.L.K”(Prophet. Lucid. King) has gone from gangster rap to what he calls “High Vibrational, Multidimensional Hip-Hop”. Using his abilities to make positive music is now his main medium of educating the masses about his contact with our family from the stars. The music conveys a message of peace, love, and positivity while at the same time enlightening those that listen with the knowledge handed down from the stars. For the last couple of years now Rafael has been doing everything in his power to further educate the people in a more personal way with a weekly podcast called The Hybrid Podcast, a Facebook group called CE5 - E.T Connection (Calling All Hybrids), and is currently in the post production stages of a Mini Documentary about his contact experiences. All of this is for a mission of sharing with others the truth about our star fam.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Jo Ann Fawcett.
Jo Ann Fawcett dramatically changed her life after seven marriages that included abuse, divorce, death, and being a prison wife. She never believed in witchcraft, faeries, ghosts, or aliens as a child. In her 20s she felt the presence of spirits. She left the Mormon Church after 30 years and never looked back.  She found her strengths, gifts, and inner power, embracing the world of magic, elementals, and aliens; discovering that many non-humans are very spiritual and also have magic and elementals in their worlds. She learned that it’s never too late to follow a new path.

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Dagmar Bryant.
Dagmar Bryant PhD is a UK based, Australian Motivational Speaker and Business Coach. She encourages women to pursue their dreams and desires. Her powerful blend of world-class intuition AND real-world experience gives her a message that deeply “speaks” to audiences of her events. Her PhD thesis was on Angels and Archangels: The Proof of Their Existence.

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

Join me for and “out of this world” conversation with Ruth Kemp.
As a conscious explorer of the depth of our human experience, Ruth Kemp has studied the spiritual experience through multiple healing modalities and her own lived experience.  Now, she works as a spiritual mentor and ascension guide to support others in navigating their own journey of expansion.  In this work we transform the relationship with Self and create a new experience of life based on conscious choice and emotional empowerment.  Working with conscious inquiry and potent modes of healing she helps clients to release outdated and limiting (unconscious patterns) to inspire more ease, joy and inner freedom in the lived experience.

Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Priscilla Hanley.
Priscilla Hanley is a Reiki Master Teacher and a trained End-Of-Life Doula who has her own private practice located in northern Virginia. Her spiritual awakening began in 2019 and since then, she has participated in several spiritual workshops and classes, some of which include Reiki, Light Language, Pleiadian Light Body Activation, and Galactic Contact Retreats. She is currently undergoing a 10-month intensive channeling class taught by a world-renowned channeler. She loves to connect with channelers and is an avid reader of channeled literature. She believes that humans have always been connected to the galactic community and we are currently re-establishing contact with our galactic family. Priscilla has had and continues to have contact experiences from galactic beings. She is also a former U.S. Army soldier turned empowered woman entrepreneur.

Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Bradford Tilden.
Bradford W. Tilden is a best-selling author, composer, master sound healer, and Universal White Time Healing practitioner and teacher helping unfulfilled people to find meaning and purpose through inspiration, education, and activation toward true spiritual awakening and authentic divine expression.
youtube: @BradfordTilden
FB: CrystalMusicHealing
Insta: @BradfordTilden

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Jenna Faye Madden.
Jenna Faye Madden is a soul evolution guide, new earth architect and 7-figure leadership and business mentor for conscious female entrepreneurs. As the CEO of Soul Meets Strategy®, she guides feminine leaders to ASCEND onto their highest timeline, EMBODY their full magic and to SCALE their soul business, sustainably. Jenna is a podcaster, best-selling author, international speaker, and community cultivator, known for her impactful brand and movement for conscious women around the world. With unwavering dedication, she pioneers the path of new earth embodiment, inspiring women to create abundance and reach unprecedented levels of self liberation, soul expression and success.

Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Lauren Dionysius.
Born Energy emerged through Lauren’s spiritual experiences as a Registered Nurse, caring for over 7000 critically ill babies requiring intensive care from birth. Dealing with cases of extreme prematurity, unexpected birth trauma, congenital abnormalities, surgery, infection and complex social situations left her questioning the “why” behind every baby’s journey—especially when these babies did not survive. As a highly sensitive human, Lauren felt the world around her at a visceral level and began to absorb the surrounding energies, emotions, and behaviours of these babies, which was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting.
After a much-needed break (including a near-death experience in Africa), Lauren felt an inexplicable urge to return to the nursery. Here she began experiencing phenomena she initially dismissed: hearing unborn babies, feeling their energy fields and seeing images of non-human beings around babies in ICU. But it was when she experienced three shared death experiences, witnessing these babies’ souls as they left the Earth, that she realised she could no longer ignore what was happening. It was clear that both the babies and their energetic guides were trying to communicate. Deciding to listen, she discovered insights and wisdom from their perspective, that not only changed the way she cared for babies clinically, but what she believed about life and death.
Lauren is now passionate about honouring the very real human experience (including grief and loss) while integrating the wisdom that babies have to share with us around their purpose, personality, past lives, perspectives and parenting. Babies communicate from preconception, throughout pregnancy (including miscarriage, termination and stillbirth) and into early childhood. After all, babies are the ones who come and go from the Earth, so it doesn’t it make sense that they have the answers to the questions we ask about them?

Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Krista Gray. Krista Gray is an Entrepreneur, Intuitive, Energy Worker, Akashic Records Practitioner, and Designer. She runs a successful six figure home staging company and is now helping other spiritually minded entrepreneurs and emerging entrepreneurs live their most energetically successful lives with her business Refined Energy!She currently offers Akashic records readings focused on business & personal growth. She is also in the middle of launching a group container, Aligned Interior ,which is focused on energetically aligning her clients homes with their ideal self to call in more abundance and aligned success.She enjoys all things in spirituality, ETs/cosmic consciousness, health/fitness, personal development & manifestation, living a conscious life and spending time with her 2 french bulldogs and every day life with her husband.

Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

Join me for an “out of this world” conversation with Nicole Starbuck.
Nicole Starbuck is a psychic empath, quantum energy healer, spiritual mentor, and life coach. She is passionate about empowering people to find and pursue their life purpose. By combining modalities such as Akashic records, hypnosis, light language, meditation, past life regression, Reiki, and star codes, she connects people to their higher selves and heal their fears and anxieties. When those aspects of ourselves are healed, we can attract abundance and manifest what we truly desire at light speed.Nicole has dedicated her life to enhancing manifestation powers and practicing magick. She lives in Houston, TX with her husband and two children. When she’s not chasing her littles around the house, she spends her days connecting with crystals and chatting with spirit guides.


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